The Devil’s Threeway

24 Mar

Kasini was dropping something off the other day, and commented on my previous post about the party where we had discussed boundaries.  While it wasn’t as wild as the party Kasini attended, the perv factor was very high.  We are an open minded and diverse group, and discussed sex.  A lot.  I told Kasini how we not only discussed the Eiffel Tower, but invented a new term, the London Bridge.

She had no idea what I was talking about.

‘You know, the Devil’s Threeway?’ I asked.

She looked at me suspiciously, and denied any knowledge of the Devil’s Threeway.

“That’s where a woman has to deal with two horns,” I explained.  “One woman, two dudes.”  As opposed to a Sandwich, which involves two chicks and one very, very happy dude.

The Urban Dictionary has a couple of definitions, of which my favorite is this:  A ménage à trois in which the ratio of guys to girls partaking in the sexual experience is 2:1. It is the worst ratio to have in a threesome, except of course 3:0.

There are rules for a Devil’s Threeway too.  The guys are not allowed to make eye contact.  Ever.  That would be gay.

I am speaking, of course, from the position of hetero-mainstream.  My little bi friend Tiberius has only had threesomes with two other guys.  To him, the ideal threeway would not be a Sandwich, but a Devil’s as that way he gets one of each.  I say ‘little’ because he is young, and just so endearingly cute.  He took it out a couple of times at the infamous debacherous party, and I gave him a courtesy look, not small but not threatening either.  I think I had an easier time looking than Kasini did.

Now, the Eiffel Tower.  That is the only time eye contact with the other dude is acceptable.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term, an Eiffel Tower is when the two men have the woman between them, each using an orifice for their own pleasure, and they then give each other a high-five, thus looking like the Eiffel Tower.  I say ‘their own pleasure’, because, let’s face it, no woman would ever enjoy such a thing.  That would make her a slut.   More on this in a moment.

For me, my threesome preference comes from participation.  I rather enjoy my two partners pleasuring each other.  I like all three of us to be able to touch and kiss and caress.  If my wife were not bi, we could not that.  Then it would just be Double-Dutch.  It would be a V, not a triangle.  The same goes for a Devil’s,  Bayani could please, and be pleased, by us both, but as I have no interest in caressing another dude, it would be a little one-sided.  This is, perhaps, where Bayani gets some of her hesitation about sleeping with another guy.  We can’t share him.  I no longer view this as necessity for lovers.

So, at this party, while discussing the Eiffel Tower, Brutus was sitting between two girls and was demonstrating the move with the men on either side of those two lovely ladies.  Alexander then asked ‘so what do you call that?’, indicating the Double Eiffel.  I offered up ‘The London Bridge’, which was shot down for being too British, and therefore too stuffy.  The only alternative was the Golden Gate, and that was dismissed for obvious reasons.  The London Bridge it is.

Now  I do hope that our readers understand that when I use comments like ‘that would be gay’, I am commenting on society, not displaying homophobia.  I find our societies hypocrisy towards sexuality and sexual desire interesting.  For instance, a man can certainly enjoy the attention of two ladies without fear of derision, and it is certainly acceptable, if not require that he express a desire for it.  But if a woman expresses desire for two men at the same time, she must be a slut.

I see another double standard towards exploring sexuality as well.  Women in a Sandwich are certainly allowed to explore each other without being called gay.  They can kiss and caress and do whatever they want, and they are simply being curious.  But if men do it, well, that’s gay.

During the Witch Trials, there was a great deal of discussion about women being seduced by the Devil.  For a repressed society, they sure had some interesting ideas about sex.  For instance, it was said that the Devil was Bifurcate, that is, he had two penis.  One for each hole.  I suspect the term Devil’s Threeway might stem from these stories.  There were even some stories where he was Trifurcate, and could fill a woman’s pussy, ass and mouth at the same time.  There were no stories of Succubi with more than one twat.  And the Quran offers seventy virgins for any man who dies a martyr.  Yup, a woman wants more than one cock and she is a Witch, but a man who dies for god gets as much pussy as he can handle.

There was a time when Bayani would have no interest in a Bifurcate Devil.  Now, I’m not so sure.  She certainly enjoys a toy in the ass while I fuck her pussy.  She might like both holes being filled at once.  And she does enjoy having me in her mouth while Fanny pleasures her orally.  She just might enjoy a Devil’s Threeway.

<NOTE: we have been getting some traffic on here from searches about Is It Gay To Have A Devil’s Three Way? I know I joked about such things above, but the answer clearly is NO. If you enjoy having sex with your woman even if you enjoy having another cock in the picture somehow, how is that gay? So what if you like watching your female partner suck another man while you pound her, how is that gay? A Devil’s Threeway is no more gay than enjoying anal sex with a woman. Now, if you are using a Devil’s Threeway as an excuse to get another cock in there because you secretly want to play with one, that is kinda gay. But who cares? Be gay, grab that cock, do what you want and fuck society’s expectations!>


9 Responses to “The Devil’s Threeway”

  1. Kasini March 24, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    I STILL DON’T GET the London Bridge.

    Ok, so there’s three guys and 2 girls, and the guy in the middle does an Eiffel Tower with the guys on the ends? In which case, where the the guy in the middle’s cock? Which hole is he using? Unless it’s he that’s getting the oral from the two girls simultaneously?

    Or there’s 4 guys and 2 girls and there are two separate Eiffel Towers going on back to back?

    Alls I know is that there are too many cocks in these configurations. I wanna be one of the ones giving the high fives…

    • Myrddwn March 24, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

      I do believe you are spending far too much time pondering this.
      The next question is, if you are giving a high-five, are you fiving another girl, or a guy, and are you making eye contact?

      • Kasini March 24, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

        people make eye contact when they have secks?

      • Myrddwn March 24, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

        If they are good at it, yes.

      • Myrddwn March 24, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

        I should point out, that I, and Bayani, agree with you about there being way too many penises in any of the above examples…

  2. Kurt March 25, 2011 at 2:18 am #

    You people have WAY too much time on your hands… ugh… what IS that on your hands… go wash your hands! Hehehe.

    • Bayani March 25, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

      You might regret knowing this much about my sex life Kurt darling… LOL.
      My hands are plenty clean. The rest of me is a bit dirty though. *blush*

  3. Kurt March 25, 2011 at 2:22 am #

    You people have WAY too much time on your hands… Hehehe.

  4. Kurt March 25, 2011 at 2:23 am #

    oops. I need coffee.

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