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They Say Passion Is Dead

12 Oct

They say toe-curling-passion will inevitably die out, that all relationships eventually settle into a comfortable, sexless rut. The only reasons to stay together are the kids or fear of being alone, of dating again in a world of online personality algorithms, speed dating and text break-ups. Sacrifice your passion on the altar of family responsibility. And they say this is normal.

I say bullshit.

Passion only dies if you let it.

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Dao of Coffee

9 Apr

Things are slow right now on the personal growth front, which means a relatively stress-free life, but also means Kasini and I have less to write about.

Besides lovingly nurturing this little blog project, I am a husband, father and carpenter. I am also a writer.

There are a few things necessary for a writer to write: solitude, inspiration, motivation, and coffee. I do not include talent or skill in this list, as those are things needed to create a writer, not things needed for a writer to produce product. I speak of coffee, as opposed to vodka or whiskey, because I have not yet entered the self-destructive phase of a writer’s life cycle. Some day, when I have several best sellers under my belt, I will spin a silken chrysalis out of printer-paper, to eventually emerge with wings of brilliant satire and a bottle of bourbon clutched under one arm, hurling invectives at any who disturb me. Until then, I consume copious quantities of coffee.

Today, it is cold outside, it is inexplicably snowing in April, and I feel the need to pound out a few thousand words on my current opus. My coffee intake will likely double or triple. In tribute to this nectar of the gods, I give you the Dao of Coffee, a repost from another blog of mine. Continue reading

The Devil’s Threeway

24 Mar

Kasini was dropping something off the other day, and commented on my previous post about the party where we had discussed boundaries.  While it wasn’t as wild as the party Kasini attended, the perv factor was very high.  We are an open minded and diverse group, and discussed sex.  A lot.  I told Kasini how we not only discussed the Eiffel Tower, but invented a new term, the London Bridge.

She had no idea what I was talking about.

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Still Flirting After All These Years

4 Mar

Just the other night while hanging out with some friends, I was text-flirting with my wife.  They caught me, and tried to tease me mercilessly.  They called us ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’.  Screw them, we are adorable.  I didn’t hide it, I’m not ashamed.  I honestly don’t understand why they thought it odd.

Very soon Bayani and I will celebrate our fourteenth anniversary.  And for those of you who have not yet read my bio, I met her in high-school.  I was eighteen when we met, and I just turned thirty six.  I have now spent more than half my life with the woman I love.

And she is still as awesome as ever.  Awesomer.  And I get to flirt with her.

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Sublime Gooey Goodness

18 Feb

Few things in life can compare with the sheer overwhelming physical, and often emotional, joy of a threesome.

The sound my daughters make when I tickle them.  That first deep breath you take when you get out of the truck after finally arriving at the campsite.  A really, really good grilled cheese sandwich.

I would like to take a moment to diverge from our usual discussion of kink and sexual identity to talk about the sublime gooey goodness of a a really good grilled cheese sandwich.    Don’t worry, I will soon be back to regaling, or possibly disgusting, you all with tales of my adventures.  Or maybe I will bring up politics, you never know. Continue reading