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Matching Undies, and I Owe Her Three New Pair

23 Aug

Now, we all know that when a woman makes sure her bra and panties match, she knows there is a chance someone will get to see them.

Not all the time, sometimes they just want them to match. Sometimes they just want to feel sexy for themselves.

But sometimes they put on a matching pair because they know, or hope, that someone will get to see them, and will appreciate them.

Most of the time Bayani puts on whatever is clean. But when we are going out, just the two of us, for a birthday or anniversary or just because, she puts on a matching pair, just for me.

The first time she was going to sleep with Abe, I had to watch her put on matching bra and panties for him. That was hard. It hit me right then, that my wife was going to fuck another man. I had to watch her primp, for him. Watch her put on her make up, doll herself up, make herself desirable, for him. Made me realize that perhaps I have taken for granted all that she does for me.

There was no good reason for me to object to this behavior. I know it’s not rational. But it stung. I was not really upset, just uncomfortably reminded of what she was doing. Now, I am fine with it. Really, I am.  But I don’t have to like her being excited about it either. And what good would it do to ask her not to? All that would do is cause resentment, and honestly, indulging in that urge would not be good for me either. I should not want to control her when she is with him, how she is with him. I want her to have as much fun with him as she can. But sometimes, I have emotional reactions. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as I don’t let it negatively affect my behavior. For the most part, I think I behave rationally.

And then the other night, a woman put on a matching pair for me.

It was our first time. Well, I didn’t know ahead of time it was going to be. She must have, because when I took her clothes off, she was wearing this incredibly sexy red bra, and an equally sexy red bottom. That was one of the hottest things I had ever seen.

She did that for me.

She wasn’t my wife, she didn’t put on the pair she knew was my favorite, it wasn’t an anniversary or birthday. It was just a random Saturday and she hoped I would get to see them.

I did see, and I appreciated the hell out of them.

She did it for herself, to enjoy wearing something sexy. But she also did it for me, and that was beautiful. The next time we met for coffee, she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. She didn’t tell me this until after I left.

She’s a tease.

The next time we got together to have sex, she surprised me again. We had talked about panties and no-panties an awful lot that week, and I was looking forward to seeing what she would choose to wear, or not wear, for me. The whole night she kept laughing at me, as if she knew something I didn’t. With this woman, that could lead to trouble. When I finally undressed her, I was only marginally disappointed to see her bra and panties didn’t match. Hey, at least I got to take them off, so I was happy. Seriously, I was happy, my favorite style of underwear is whatever kind I am pulling off a woman at that moment.

Then I had her hands tied behind her back and her bra off and she was lying on her back(this is an incredibly hot position to have a woman in, btw, and she does this so well…), and I moved to pull her panties aside. She was laughing, for some inexplicable reason. I pulled her underwear aside, planning on diving in to lick her and make her squirm. There was a second pair under the first. And a third pair under the second.

The damned brat was wearing THREE PAIRS OF PANTIES!

Just to spite me. No wonder she was laughing so hard. The look on my face must have been priceless. Well, I could not let her get away with that, could I? Not if I had any hope of ever dominating that woman.

So I took out my pocket knife, and cut them off of her.

Each pair, one by one, slash slash, slash slash, slash slash. She stopped laughing. And judging by the look in her eye, that was exactly what I should have done.

There are some things better than a woman putting on a matching set just for you.