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The First Time, Again- Erotica

10 Mar

Oh God yes! She had been waiting for this for so long, wanting it so badly, without knowing how to ask.

Her husband Alan was such a prude, preferring to screw in the dark and heaven forbid she ask him to tie her up or anything really kinky. She never would have guessed that he would harbor such delicious fantasies. Continue reading


Just the Beginning-short erotica

9 Feb

His hand smacked her bare ass with a loud crack. She twitched and gasped and pulled against her restraints.

That was a lot more intense than she had thought it would be. It hurt a little bit sure, but it was more than that, it set every inch of her skin tingling. She liked it. He gave her just enough time to exhale before he spanked her a second time. She gasped again and bit her lip. Goosebumps rose up on her ass and spread across her skin like ripples on a pond, and before she could relax again his hand smacked down once more. Continue reading