Cast of Characters

Abernethy: Bayani’s first male lover after Myrddwn. Got himself a big dick. Intimidated by Myrrdwn’s awesomeness.

Abigail: Myrddwn and Bayani’s first Unicorn. Nice tits. Moved back to Moab.

Alexander: Myrddwn’s party friend. Bayani and Fanny both admit to having a little crush for Alexander.  As in Alexander the Great, referring to his ego.

Ardwyn: Myrddwn’s precocious daughter. 4 y.o. Pooped on the floor. Wants to marry a girl.

Babette: Myrddwn’s second Unicorn. Involved in the Great Nipple Ring Giggle Fiasco.

Bayani: Married to Myrddwn, awesomest wife ever. Recently discovered Roller Derby. Spectacular ass. Likes to be spanked.

Cassius: Bayani’s current boyfriend.

Carlotta: Myrddwn’s third Unicorn. Great tits. Myrddwn’s first real Poly relationship. Broke Bayani’s heart.

Cerridwen: Myrddwn’s other precocious daughter. 8 y.o. Still talks about boobs.

Cleopatra: Friend of ours, well known in the local poly community.

Cyrus: Brief fling with Bayani.

Daphne: Myrddwn’s fourth Unicorn. Squirter and Coke-head.

Dante: Bayani’s new boyfriend. New to poly, married to Lilith.

Esther: Myrddwn’s fifth Unicorn. Nice tits. Involved in Greatest Cat Ever Story.

Fanny: Myrddwn and Bayani on and off since Feb 2010. Greatest tits ever.

Kasini: One of the original tramps. Co-blogger here for 2011.

Tiberius: Myrddwn’s party friend. Cutest little bi-sexual dude you will ever meet.  Fanny and Bayani also have crush on Tiberius.

Imogen: Briefly dated Myrddwn. Biggest set of knockers he’s ever seen. M cups, in case you are wondering.

Isadora; Dated Myrddwn for a year and a half. Great set of boobs. Deliciously drama free.

Jenevieve: Myrrdwn’s fomer FWB. Had a baby.

Junia: Married to Cassius. Occasional FWB of Myrddwn’s.

Kalliope: Myrddwn’s Couldabeen…

Lylith: Married to Dante. Lovely, lovely boobs, new to poly.

Meredith: My Long Distance Girlfriend. Spectacular boobs.

Nannette: Myrddwn’s former Little Submissive Pet.

Octavia: Myrddwn’s current girlfriend. Oh My Gawd spectacular boobs! Also Myrddwn’s current submissive.

Paige: Myrddwn’s current FWB. Girlfriend. Cool person he hangs out with, who likes to get naked with him. I have no idea what this relationship is, how to categorize it, and that’s fine. It is what it is and I’m happy with it.

*Disclaimer: somewhere along the way while writing the blog with Kasini(who has since left), an inside joke developed wherein I referred to my former partners by the relative niceness of their boobs. I have continued this joke here, and if you don’t get that this is a joke, if you think I am really that shallow, then I would prefer that you discontinue reading, you are too reactionary and sensitive and are going to be offended by my word use. You’re not getting the joke.


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