9 Dec

I am going to miss Fanny’s spectacular boobs.

Fanny wants what we have, a marriage and family. She has been dating two types of people while we have been with her, fuck-buddies and potential husbands. Mostly the former. Fanny is a very sexual woman, and she loves(loved) having multiple partners to take care of her. But all the while she has had her eye open for a potential long term partner. And in the time we have been with her, she has become infatuated with no less than four men.

So when she told us she had meet someone nice, I did not stress out too badly. And then about two weeks ago, just before we all left to attend a party, she told us she wanted to stop having sex with us so she could concentrate on this one relationship.


I knew this would happen eventually, and honestly I am happy for her. But I will miss her boobs.

Relationships of this type rarely last as long as this one hast. 20 months. Must be a world record in Unicorn Hunting. I have really enjoyed the relationship we had with her. It was the perfect balance of sexual intimacy and friendship. We could have her over for dinner and could talk for hours without needing to resort to sex to fill awkward silence, and we could share a ten minute quickie with hardly any pleasantries at all. And best of all, she knew what we had to offer her, in terms of time and emotional intimacy, and she accepted that. She did not ask more than we could give, and we accepted what she was willing to share with us in return.

I will still enjoy the friendship we have, that is not going to end any time soon, she is one our closest friends. But I will miss the sex. She is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic lovers I have ever had.

I don’t know if this fella will last. I will admit that a small and selfish part of me hopes he does not, but for the most part I would rather see her happy and in a long term relationship than get to play with her boobs one more time.

Besides, there will be other boobs.


One Response to “Damn”

  1. Bayani December 13, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    I’m not quite ready to deal with this yet. I wish her the best but still haven’t allowed myself to grieve the relationship. Maybe because we are still friends….

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