A Debaucherous Time Was Had By All

28 Feb

This weekend, I celebrated my 36th birthday in the usual epic-party fashion.

There was good scotch, cheap bourbon, absinthe and hookah.  And naked hot-tub time.

This time, I introduced Kasini to my party crowd.  It can be dangerous letting your social circles mix, you never know what stories are going to be shared.  In my case, nothing that needed to be kept quiet was drunkenly blurted out, mostly because I don’t hide a whole lot.  I had, however, previously shared, out of sheer incredulity, the incident which Kasini detailed in her opening post.  A few friends confronted her about this, and she held her own in the explaining of it.

I do often say that you are only as old as the people you party with, and in my case, that means I am in my mid twenties.  

My friends loved Kasini, who fit in nicely with my geeky and freaky friends.  She is, however, just a little bit embarrassed by her performance.  I have tried to assure her there is nothing to be ashamed of, as my own wife was far more debaucherous than she.  Is debaucherous a word?  It is now, as it describes my wife perfectly when she is drunk.

I will leave the details for Kasini to share, if she ever feels the need.  I am a lucky, lucky man.  And no, we are not sleeping with her.

Fanny and Bayani, for reasons I do not fully comprehend, decided that my little friend Tiberious, who was also celebrating his birthday, needed some ‘special’ attention.  Several times they cornered the poor lad and lavished attention upon him.  They would trap him between them so he could not escape, not that he wanted to, then pressed and rubbed up against him while kissing his neck(at one point, while all three were changing into swim suites).  The poor kid had blue-balls pretty badly.  I think there may have been some stroking involved, I was not in line of sight for most of it.  He did take out his penis several times during the party, upon request.  I gave him a courtesy look, and some day before I die, he now owes me a courtesy look in return.   I did not take out my penis, and Kasini did not get to see it.

This party was a nice return to the boob-fest make out parties I love.  If I have one super-power, it is the ability to get girls to show me their tits.  And I really, really love tits.

I am not so fond of younger girls kissing just to get attention.  If a girl is going to kiss another girl, or a guy kiss a guy, it had better be because they WANT to, not for some juvenile desire for attention.  And to be honest, I have had too many FMF threesomes at this point that girls kissing girls doesn’t do it for me anymore.

This particular party crowd of mine has calmed down a lot in the previous year, with much less boob showing and girls kissing girls.  There was an incident last year involving the police, an ambulance, a drunken minor in kidney failure.

In our defense, she had shown us all a fake ID, and nobody knew about her medical condition.

And one girl in particular, who once was referred to as the Party Goddess, has since been dating men who become quite possessive of her boobs.  Both of her previous partners have insisted she not show off her girls.  She is not happy about this, but gives in in the end.  I have never understood this possessiveness towards my partner’s body parts.  They aren’t mine, why should I care who she shows them to?  Hell, I’m proud of them and happy that others get to see what I get to play with.

The Party Goddess has since retired her title, and it seems that now Bayani, Fanny and I hold the title.  The Party Trinity.  A party does not really start till we show up, and often burns out shortly after we leave.

I suspect that this is partly because I have no reservations about ‘my’ women, and I use the term familiarly, not possessively, doing whatever they want with their bodies.  Bayani could have given poor little Tiberious a birthday blowjob, and I would not have minded.  Hell, I would have asked him how it was.

So now Kasini has seen the drunken, debaucherous side of me.  She has met my dorky friends, and has seen me my outside the coffee-house, and away from the calming influence of my children.

I wonder if she still respects me…

Hi! This is Kasini crashing Myrddwn’s post to bring you this lovely picture I took at the party. A delightful snapshot of the party, if I do say so myself. Hookah, Absinthe, and groping.  And yes, that IS Myrddwn groping his wife, Bayani, at the top of the picture. I was only going for a pic of my hand and the hookah and absinthe, but got that lovely bonus. Really, a VERY accurate snapshot of that party…

Oh, and yes, I do still respect him. Just not enough to have learned the lesson that I cannot spank him and avoid retaliation. Somehow I keep thinking that I’m going to get away with it…

Myrddwn hijacking Kasini’s crashing:  What did she expect, spanking a Dom?  Spanking is my thing!  And each time I proved that she could not escape threefold retaliation, she CAME BACK FOR MORE!  I figured she WANTED to be spanked, there simply was no other explanation…


6 Responses to “A Debaucherous Time Was Had By All”

  1. Kasini March 1, 2011 at 12:11 am #

    “I did not take out my penis, and Kasini did not get to see it.”

    Was it really needful to put this in? Honestly, I only looked at Tiberius’ penis because I didn’t think he’d really whip it out, NOT because I had a desire to collect penis sightings.

    I have NEVER been so drunk in my whole life. And I never will be again. From now on I’m mixing my own drinks, TYVM!

    I do have to say that I’m fairly happy that it’s been a couple days, you’re completely sober now, and you still consider yourself a lucky man in conjunction with my behavior at the party. Was it because of the thing you’d waited 18 years for? The thing I did with your girlfriend? Or you’re just lucky because I’m so very awesome and proved you right to all your friends?

    You have a very valid point about the dangers of mixing social groups. I’m mixing two social groups at my party this coming weekend and I’m a little nervous about it myself. But I’m willing to take a chance, particularly so I can get to know Bayani better. I was so happy to get to spend so much time with her at the party.

    You ARE a lucky man.

    • Myrddwn March 1, 2011 at 8:07 am #

      I’m sorry, did I erroneously imply that you wanted to see my penis?
      I was going for comedic effect. Nobody wants to ever see a penis, but the event is always noteworthy, if only for the trauma.
      Never say never. Being that drunk is fun, and is often well worth the hangover. Consider it a learning experience.
      I am a lucky man, for all those reasons. Mostly the last one.

      • Kasini March 1, 2011 at 10:59 am #

        well, you do really enjoy being right 🙂

    • Bayani March 1, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

      AW! *blushes* I look forward to spending more time with you too! I promise to be on my best good-girl behavior if that’s what you’d like. No random nudity, no boob sightings, and no encouraging guys much too young for me to take out their penis.

      • Kasini March 2, 2011 at 9:42 am #

        oh no you don’t! you be as wild as you like.

      • Myrddwn March 2, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

        No, you need to get to know her first as a good girl, before you get to witness the wilder side. She needs to feel comfortable with you first before she unleashes Crazy Jen.

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