It’s a Small World After All

21 Feb

Myrddwn’s side of the story:

Early on in our new relationship(friendship, not romantic/sexual), Kasini and I were sitting in our coffee house getting to know each other and swapping stories.  It’s not that often you find another poly person to be friends with, and we were both reveling in the ability to talk about that part of our lives.

It was my turn, and I was listing my various adventures.  I hadn’t gotten very far yet, I was only on Threesome Number Two, with Babette(of the Nipple Ring Story).  Kasini was looking at me with that odd, narrow eyed expression she gets when she suspects something, or when I’m being an ass.   I forged ahead undaunted.  When I got to the end, telling about why and how Babette stopped seeing us, Kasini’s eyes went real wide and she exploded with a question.

“Oh my gawd, was her last name ********?”

Taken aback, I narrowed my own eyes suspiciously, and answered with an affirmative.  Kasini laughed.  It was the desperate, maniacal laugh of someone clinging to the last dredges of their sanity.

It turns out that Kasini and her ex had had their very own threesomes with Babette as well.  At approximately the same time.  Babette had told us she was seeing this lesbian couple who occasionally brought in a man for a foursome.  I never knew it was Kasini.

We had both fucked the same woman.  Probably only days apart.

What was going on with this girl?  Was she like my clone or an alternate version of me from a parallel universe?

Sadly, no.  Just a bunch of laughably bizarre coincidences.

I’ll let Kasini tell you the juicy bit.

Kasini’s side of the story:

Oh Myrddwn, you get so dramatic sometimes. The maniacal laugh of someone clinging to the last dredges of their sanity?

[Myrdwwn’s note:  Yes, I exaggerated a bit, I’m a writer, it’s called giving the truth scope]

How about the uncontrollable laughter of one overwhelmed by the absurd twistings of fate?

Ok, people, imagine. We’re already gobsmacked by just how many times we’d come this close to reconnecting, how much our lives had paralleled each other’s, we’re sitting in our separately favorite coffee shop within walking distance of our homes for GOD’S SAKE. And he’s talking about his second Unicorn and she’s sounding very, very familiar.  And then the final end to that story, the situation that pushed Babette out of their lives, oh I knew that situation very well (that makes it sound like it had something to do with me, but it didn’t, it was something else to do with something else in her life)

Holy. Shit.

We fucked the same woman.  Probably within days of each other.  That’s a hell of a lot more absurd a coincidence than living within a mile of each other and favoriting the same coffee shop.

But there’s more.

People. Remember my fisting story? The lover I accidentally fisted in the ass?

Oh yeah. Her name was Babette.

That’s what gave my laugh its edge.

Oh, and PS. We only brought the guy in for the foursome once.

[Myrddwn’s note: Perhaps ‘juicy’ was the wrong adjective…]


2 Responses to “It’s a Small World After All”

  1. Kasini February 21, 2011 at 10:06 am #

    Juicy? You went with “juicy”? *shudder*

    I have an “odd, narrow eyed” look? It’s odd? Really? I’m looking at you all squinty-eyed here…

    • Myrddwn February 21, 2011 at 10:14 am #

      It’s cute, not odd. Odd just sounded better, and anyone who knew you would still understand what look I was speaking of. Yes, that one you are doing right now.
      And yes, in hindsight, juicy was not the best choice…

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