What Exactly is a Unicorn?

20 Feb

A Unicorn is a mythical beast, an attractive and available bisexual female who is willing to date a couple.

Most couples would not know how to handle a Unicorn even if they caught one. And with the expectations they heap upon the poor girl, they might as well look for a horse with one horn, as they would have a better chance of finding one.

Typically, the girl is expected to younger than the couple, open to dating both of them equally, must be willing to accept the couple’s schedule and limitations, and often is expected to not date anyone else.

On some sites that are open to couples(and some that are not, but allow F/F matches[where couples often lurk disguised as gay women]), couples outnumber single bi-girls upwards of fifty to one.  These creepy oder couples hound bi-girls to the point where many hide their sexuality, and others are so put off they would never consider dating a couple, even a nice one like Bayani and me.

Here are two ads I found recently, so you can judge for yourself.

We are a fun and chill couple in our mid 30s, looking to spice things up in the bedroom. We are looking for a girl 18-30 to please, and be pleased, us both. She is a little on the plus size, but has great tits, he is athletic and hung(9’+) We can host. You should be chill, D/Dfree, H/W porpotionate, single, open to playing w us both. Weekends only. If things work out, this might be long term. You can’t move in w us tho, dont ask. Willing to watch our kids is a plus so we can go out time to time, and a shopping partner for her is a plus.


hey were looking for a woman or a couple to meet in wendover more the marry so it will be like a meet and gret if something happens it does if it dont then it dont my wife his hot im somewhut dont need to lie so if your up tp meeting some couples our us depends how many want to come out will send pis on replied ps we pic wendover because its a safe place to meet and the to many flakes out there ps if your real i will give you the name the room is under so we can meet ps our ophone dont work out there

Wow. No wonder we have little trouble finding girls to date, if THAT is what is out there.

Unicorn Hunters will typically only hunt females.  Most often, UH’s consist of a straight male and a bi- or curious female.  So sharing a woman seems to make sense at first.  We went through this phase ourselves.  This is often referred to as a ‘one penis policy’, and implies that a penis has more value than a vagina.  If another pussy in the bed is fine, why not a cock?  Why is a cock more threatening?

UH is also considered no more than a ‘larval form’ of poly, as many couples are introduced to the idea by searching for a threesome.  That’s how we did it.  The idea is that a couple, once introduced to the concept of Polyamory will eventually grow out of the insistence on sharing a bi-girl. I find it ironic that in the poly community, a group that prides itself on being accepting and inclusive, being a UH is deserving of ridicule and derision.

For us, the idea of a shared woman made sense.  I mean, I am straight and my wife is Bi.  So why not?  I’m not interested in sex with other men, so a MFM threesome has less appeal.  It would be more of a V, and I like being able to share pleasure with both partners.  And with the MFF dynamic, I get to have sex with another woman(and don’t have to watch a strange cock violate my wife), and my wife gets to explore her sexuality.  Makes sense, right?  But what if the man is just looking for an excuse to have sex with other women?  Not healthy.  And what about the wife?  Is it healthy for the man to insist that she only open herself to love from other women?  If a woman is bisexual and open to finding new loves/sexual relationships, is it healthy to restrict her options to ones the man is comfortable with?  And again, why is a pussy less threatening than a cock?  I found the idea of another penis in MY pussy rather off-putting.  Watching Bayani with another woman was HAWT, because I can join in any time I want.  Even when Bayani goes off with Fanny on her own, I don’t mind, both because Fanny is my partner too, and because I don’t have to think about another cock pounding what I perceive as MY territory.  But I don’t mind Fanny being with other men, so why Bayani? That was something I had to get over. Turns out, I don’t really have a One Penis Policy after all.

It happened the first time I went up to fuck Fanny without Bayani.  On the drive back, it struck me that my being with Fanny in no way decreased or degraded my love for Bayani.  It was an epiphany.  If I can fuck another woman and still lover her the same, then she should be able to take another cock and still feel the same way as me.  I was worried about being replaced.  Another pussy can’t replace what I have, but another cock could.  I trust that she loves me, whether she is with another woman or man.

Fanny keeps talking about bringing another woman into bed with us, and I relish the idea, and the challenge.  Bayani is less interested(when sober).  Some day, we might even consider playing with another couple.  More and more, I am open to the idea, even though I still have some residual hesitation.  I mean, what if the other man is more well endowed than me?  What if Bayani likes his cock better?  Still, it’s just sex, and it might be hawt to watch her suck another cock.  In the end, she loves me, chooses my cock, and I get to fuck her anytime I want.  So why should a singular incident threaten me?  It doesn’t.

As things stand now, Bayani tells me she has no interest in another cock.  I have not had to yet confront any feelings of replacement, jealousy or inadequacy.  Some day I might.  I am open to her trying it, if she ever feels the need.  Until that day, I will simply enjoy watching both of my lovers share pleasure.


3 Responses to “What Exactly is a Unicorn?”

  1. Kasini February 20, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

    I think the derision is usually for wanna-be Unicorn Hunters and Failed Unicorn Hunters. Not for successful “Unicorn” Hunters. And, really, given those ads, can you really doubt that the derision is deserved?

    I think I saw that first ad. Or one just like it. What they really want is to fuck the nanny. I mean WTFG? She’s supposed to be young, hot, not-picky AND a babysitter so the main couple can go on dates? I’ll bet in their fantasies she watches the kids while they go out to a nice dinner. They wine, they dine, they dance. (possibly in the outfits she helped the wife “shop” for) Then they come home and pull out their little breathing fuckdoll…

    and that second ad… um, huh? I think I’m pretty smart but I can’t for the life of me decipher that.

    As for you and Bayani… that’s a pretty important epiphany you had. And the fact that you’re conscious of the work you’d need to do, and the reasons for why it would be worth doing it, should Bayani decide to modify her OPP… well that’s why I’m so happy we’re friends.

    • Myrddwn February 20, 2011 at 10:28 pm #

      Yeah, I do have to admit the derision is deserved.
      After I read that add, I HAD to save it, just for the sheer unbelievability of it. Do they really think some chick is going to be intrigued by that gibberish?
      The fact that I am aware of my own progress, and of how far I have to go, is why I believe I have something to share, why I believe people might find my posts interesting. I am not just some swinger. I am not somebody already settled in their poly ways. I am in the middle of the process, and my observations might make for interesting reading. Or a good laugh.


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