A Coffee House

16 Feb

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It really is a house.  An old house that’s been turned into a cafe.  Garish colors on the wall, probably picked from the “returns” bin at the local home improvement store.  Plants run rampant.  Mismatched tables and chairs.  An incongruous pair of nice leather armchairs.  A couch.  A mixed crowd of people that ebbs and flows through the day and evening.  We’re talking evenings here, though.  On a given night you can see witches in their early 20’s, old homeless guys dressed in ragged layers, gutterpunk musicians, laptop space cadets, single parents with kids in tow, DINKS, NINKS, freaks…

and us.

You should know, before you scroll down to the posts that the tagline of this blog is true.  In our posts you’ll find frank, and sometimes explicit, conversations about sex, sexuality, BDSM, kink, and polyamory.  You might even find explicit erotica or descriptions of sexual situations.  We both think this is fascinating and hot.  You might not.  Be warned: Here Be Sex Dragons

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