Just the Beginning-short erotica

9 Feb

His hand smacked her bare ass with a loud crack. She twitched and gasped and pulled against her restraints.

That was a lot more intense than she had thought it would be. It hurt a little bit sure, but it was more than that, it set every inch of her skin tingling. She liked it. He gave her just enough time to exhale before he spanked her a second time. She gasped again and bit her lip. Goosebumps rose up on her ass and spread across her skin like ripples on a pond, and before she could relax again his hand smacked down once more.

He was right, it was definitely better with the cuffs, so much more intense. She ached to reach back and rub her stinging bottom, to push herself up onto her knees, to roll away, anything to lessen the pain. But she couldn’t, all she could do was pull against the leather cuffs tied to the headboard. And that was enough, pulling and fighting against the restraints, it gave her something to do with the pain. It stopped being pain and simply became intense.

Again and again he spanked her, each time harder than the last. She panted and strained against the leather cuffs and writhed, trying to move her ass away from his hand, and yet at the same time wanting to lift it to meet his blows. Each time his hand fell it surprised her, sometimes hitting the same spot, sometimes a different one. Sometimes his hand lingered for a bit, caressing her ass or trailing fingers down her leg. She might have been moaning or gasping, she didn’t know and she didn’t care. She lost herself then, when the pain and the pleasure mixed and she couldn’t tell which was which any more.

She came.

Suddenly, fiercely, she came. She screamed as her orgasm ripped its way out of her. She shuddered with the rhythm of it, muscles tight and clenching. He stopped. Dammit, he stopped. Her aching arms wouldn’t relax, her ass was sore and throbbing beautifully and she could barely catch her breath. Hair fell across her face, tickling her nose and clawing its way into her mouth with every panting breath. He climbed on top of her, pressing himself along her length. He bit her shoulder as he slid into her.



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