Unicorn Hunters bag their first kill

7 Jan

Yes, we were Unicorn Hunters.

I can admit that now. Oh, we didn’t have a list of unrealistic expectations like most Unicorn Hunters, but the way I approached bi-girls on dating sites reeked of Creepy Older Couple Looking To Spice up their Marriage. And like most Unicorn Hunters, we had then a One Penis Policy.

Despite my best efforts, we somehow managed to find a girl and hook up. Her name was ‘Abigail’. We took her out a couple of times just to be sure everybody was comfortable with the situation and then invited her over for dinner and desert. She had great tits. For the first time ever, I was able to watch my wife with another woman. And I was immediately hooked. So was my wife.(called Bayani on this blog)

We both decided that this was not just a one-time thing. We invited Abigail back two more times. Oh my gawd, I was having threesomes. I was having sex with a woman who was not my wife. This was new experience for me. I had lost my cherry to Bayani, and until Abigail, Bayani had the only pussy I had ever stuck my dick in. This idea was a little awkward for me at first, but once we all got naked and piled on top of each other like a pack of demented teenagers, nature took over and I didn’t care if it was the second or hundredth pussy I was fucking.

Watching my wife kiss Abigail was one thing, watching her go down on another woman was an entirely different beast. I had actually expected that Bayani would have some hard limits. I knew kissing would happen, and even breast-play. I guessed that fingering would as far as she would go. Nope. She whipped off Abigail’s pants(no panties- commando is HAWT) and dove right in like a woman starving.


What turned me on most about that, was not just the fact that my wife had her face buried in the twat of another woman, though that did factor into the equation, what turned me on the most was her pushing her comfort zone. The ability of Bayani to move beyond the comfortable to the new and challenging and often scary. No person I have ever met has been able to do this like Bayani.

One of those times Abigail was over to play, she was sitting on the couch just before we put the kids to bed. My oldest daughter, Cerry(short for Cerridwen), who has problems with personal space, climbed up on onto Abigail’s lap and started poking her in the boob. She then informed Abigail that ‘you sure have big boobs’. Poke poke poke. ‘My daddy likes big boobs.’

We had to inform Cerry that ‘we don’t talk about boobs’. This backfired. For the next six months, no matter where we went, Cerri would walk up to any complete stranger she could and announce ‘hi, my name is Cerri, and we don’t talk about boobs’.

Then Abigail got thyroid cancer and moved back to Moab. It didn’t matter, we were hooked. Abigail was nice enough, and a lot of fun in the sack, but really wasn’t what we were looking for. We didn’t know what it was we wanted, but we wanted it. We wanted something more. We wanted an emotional connection. It was time to find another girl, one we could allow ourselves to fall for.

I started looking around, putting up more adds, and most importantly I started reading the adds of our competition. Oh boy. There are some real wack-jobs out there looking for a ‘Young, hot bi-girl to come over and screw us both. But only when it is convenient for US. And you have to be single. And willing to babysit for us.’ I learned a lot. Mostly about what NOT to do.

It was then that I found the term ‘polyamorous’. But that is another post.



3 Responses to “Unicorn Hunters bag their first kill”

  1. Kasini January 7, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

    but why CAN’T we talk about boobs? Huhhuhhuh?

    • Myrddwn January 8, 2011 at 9:53 am #

      We can talk about boobs all you want. I like boobs. I like to talk about them. I like to look at boobs, and I like to play with them. Maybe too much.
      But that is not appropriate conversation for my daughters who often blather to their grandmothers who do not know about the kinky lifestyle Bayani and I lead.

  2. Kasini January 9, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    oh, I agree there. Yes. No talking about boobs to grandmothers. It’s all about audience…

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